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This weekend event is a tribute to our Polish heritage and a showcase of the Lagrange Street commercial corridor.
Each year the festival breaks records for attendance and food sales. Proceeds from the festival help renovate neighborhood homes, provide free paint to homeowners, fund business district improvements and award scholarships to students.

busy festival street  

In the early 1980s, a handful of business owners and residents banded together to address various community concerns. The Lagrange Street Polish Festival was born from that and, with lots of hard work and a little Polish luck, has grown into the largest street festival in Toledo.

The first festival was held in 1984 and continues to get bigger and better each year. We’ve grown from a one-day event to a full weekend celebration. Each year our guests consume 40,000 pierogies and a ton of kielbasa and wash it all down with 300 kegs of beer and 6,000 bottles of Pepsi products and water.

So, join us this year as we set new records at Northwest Ohio’s only Polish street festival!

For more information, e-mail info@unitednorth.org or call (419) 255-8406.